Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm in the airport and leave for Ukraine in an hour. Everyone is great. I'm excited. Peace.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

It is way too early. I'm off to my DC flight. Wow.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ukraine! According to Joffe:

Because my friend thought travel guides to Ukraine were lame he wrote me this:

Ukraine! A guide. You're going to Ukraine! What is Ukraine? Ukraine is a country in Europe. Its near Russia. In fact, it was once part of Russia, back when they were evil. But Ukraine isn't evil, its fantastic! The name "Ukraine" comes from the Slavic word for "land". This name accurately reflects Ukraine, as it is truly a land. Here are some things to remember in Ukraine.

- Ukrainians eat lots of food. One kind of food they eat is perogies. They don't call them that though, they have some Ukraine name for them. They also eat Borshch, which is a funny word. Try saing it out loud. If you don't laugh, try saying it slower and in a funny voice until you do. Take your time.

- The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. They spell it "Kylv" because of the vowel shortage under the tsar.

- Ukraine invented the easter egg. (This one is true)

- One of the most common confectionary treats is called the "Kiev Cake". Some people say that Kiev gets its name from this cake, but those people are idiots. Kiev cake was originally made by Karl Marx confectionary factory. Their motto was "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. Mmmmmmmmm chocolate!"

- Ukraine has statues everywhere. Its like a god damn statue warehouse over there.

- Ukraine is home to many churches, including one made out of a cave. Kiev Pechersk Lavra was founded by the monks Anthony and Theodosius. They are not to be confused with the 1920s vaudeville act "Anthony adn Theodosius adn their Amazing Dancing Poodle!" or th e1979 Hanna Barberra cartoon characters "Anthony Ant and Theodosius Cricket". THe latter was a bumbling cartoon duo who only ran for three episodes as a backup for the Snagglepuss/Peter Pottomus Adventure Hour.

- Because Mongolia once invaded them, Ukraine hates the Mongols. If you are a Mongol, don't tell the people in Ukraine! They might pillage you in revenge. Don't try to mention that after razing their cities you brought them trade and sciences from around the worlds, because they won't listen. Why should they?

- In 1569 Ukraine and Poland were part of the same country. Lots happened then, but it was kind of boring and mostly about kings yelling at each other. European history is boring unless someone is invading. Poland left after there was a Cossack uprising, but that turned out to be just some ruse and really it was Dr. Wily behind everything again. Protoman rescued Cossack's daughter Kalinka, and then they had to use Dust Man's crappy weapon to beat Wily.

- Attractive Ukrainian women like it when you give them email addresses of cartoonists you are acquainted with. (This is an important cultural note)

- Ukraine has 436 cities. If you view them on a map, and connect them in the right order, you can create the image of a kitty cat.

- Ukraine people dress AWESOME.

The end.

Monday, September 18, 2006


The goodbye process has started. Weird.

My brother went back to UofM last night. It feels odd (and unreal) that I won't see him again in a very long time. He came up for the weekend - family portrait, dinner (sushi!) etc. Our last family picture was taken when I was about 8 - missing my two front teeth and everything!

I've already started to miss my K people like crazy. You know who you are <3

I'm starting to cull what I'm taking with me. Perhaps less clothes and more books. As a side note - any one from the states who is reading this feel free to send me books. I'll put up my address eventually.

Also - Jonathan Safran Foer spoke at K the year after I graduate! Lame. I would have loved to meet him. "Everything is Illuminated" was brilliant. Ah well.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This will be my official Peace Corps blog. I'm off to Ukraine on October 1st - to DC for shots and such on September 28th. I'm excited. Also scared. I've spent the summer working and trying to buy more work related clothes - also a laptop (I'm not going without my music) and a slr digital camera. I think I'm set. Now the waiting happens. Still being in the States feels strange. I'm pretty envious of my friends abroad especially Curtis - Japan and takoyaki! I didn't think I'd miss Japan so much. Lets hope the Ukraine is just as awesome.